About Us

Our mission is to democratize access to product information
to accelerate the pace of commerce innovation.

Our Values

Practice Radical Inclusivity.

Inclusivity is the core of our identity.  It impacts everything from how we build and treat our team to how we engage our customers and support our community.  We treat everyone with dignity and respect, and we expect them to do the same in turn.

Be Extraordinary.

Our standards are intimidating.  We give ourselves permission to be extraordinary and we hold each other to an exceptionally high bar.  We value curiosity, entrepreneurial spirit, and determination.  We strive to grow people beyond great.

Be Decisive; Stay Focused.

We are customer obsessed.  We are unafraid to make bold bets, test our hypotheses, and let data guide our decisions.  Once a decision has been made, we commit and ruthlessly focus on it.

Value the Team.

Our extraordinary team is our greatest strength.  Our culture is the glue that makes us great and helps us operate at our best.  We have fun working and enjoy being together.  We believe in working smarter, not harder.

Be Frugal and be Humble.

We are lucky to have the resources that we do, so we make a point not to waste them.  Similarly we are lucky to have the relationships that we do, so we are humble with others and always try to learn from their experiences.

Meet the Team


Rob Streeter

Co-Founder / CTO

Lance Gallop